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Reduced pressure zone assembly (RPZ)

Protect Your Drinking Water By Having Your Back flow Prevention Assembly Tested Annually.

According to Wikipedia A backflow prevention assembly is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow.

DANIEL'S PREP & REPAIR offers professional licensed backflow testing and repair services ,we also offer sprinkler repair, and more. Our goal is to serve our customers in the most professional manner possible while maintaining great business ethics

Back flow connections (also called cross-connections)are connections through which it is possible for contamination to enter  the water supply.

A mechanical  backflow preventer is a means of preventing backflow, which either eliminates a cross-connection or creates a barrier to backflow. In other words, some things that are connected to the water line, under certain conditions can allow dirty or contaminated water to flow back into the drinking water thus creating a health hazard that could have the potential to hospitalize or even kill anyone who consumes the contaminated water.

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You may be wondering what backflow  means, and why it is so important. Well backflow is  a reverse in the direction of flow in water pipes,which is due to back pressure or back siphonage.To understand backflow it is necessary to know what back pressure , and back siphoneage is. Let's start with back pressure,which is down stream pressure that is greater than the pressure that is up stream in the public supply line. The cause of this  can be an increase in down stream pressure, or a reduction of pressure in the water supply. it can also be a combination of both situations.An increase in down stream pressure could be caused by several things, like Unauthorized pressure tanks, pumps,boilers, and so on.

Down stream pressure reductions happen when the amount of water being used is greater than the amount being supplied this situation may occur due to  break's in the water main, fire fighting,flushing of the water lines  ect .
Back siphoneage is caused by negative pressure ( vacuum ) in the water supply this is caused by a significant drop in water pressure due to a stoppage of the water supply.

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