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You may be wondering what backflow  means, and why it is so important. Well, backflow is  a reverse in the direction of flow in water pipes, which is due to back pressure or back siphonage. To understand backflow it is necessary to know what back pressure, and back siphonage is. Let's start with back pressure, which is down stream pressure that is greater than the pressure that is up stream in the public supply line, the cause of this  can be an increase in down stream pressure, or a reduction of pressure in the water supply. It can also be a combination of both situations. An increase in down stream pressure could be caused by several things, like unauthorized pressure tanks, pumps, boilers, and so on. Down stream pressure reductions happen when the amount of water being used is greater than the amount being supplied, this situation may occur due to  break's in the water main, fire fighting, flushing of the water lines etcetera .

Back siphonage is caused by negative pressure ( vacuum ) in the water supply this is caused by a significant drop in water pressure due to a stoppage of the water supply.

Find out more at http://deq.idaho.gov/media/1117274/cross-connection-control-faq.pdf

Why do I have to install  a  backflow preventer?
The backflow  preventer is installed to protect the public water supply against possible hazards that could be in the customer's plumbing system. The actual or potential cross connection (possible point of backflow) belongs to the property owner and not to the water utility. Once the water goes beyond the meter, water quality could be altered. If a backflow preventer is required to keep the water safe, then the person who created the cross connection (actual or potential) should install and maintain the backflow preventer



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